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with a beautiful space designed to help you easily capture content or host a workshop, Sage Studio is a natural light studio in Jacksonville, Florida for the small business owner, entrepreneur, creative, content creator, or influencer ready to capture content.

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02 / the meeting space

host your next event with ease

seats 8 - 12 people

70 inch TV with Airplay and Zoom room capabilities

8 foot whiteboard for notes and collaboration

located in the heart of San Marco

full kitchen with coffee and tea for easy hosting

high speed secure wifi

03 / frequently asked questions

you've got questions, we've got answers

In every studio rental reservation, you’ll have access to our gear, props, and lights. We have 4 different Seamless paper backdrops (Bone, Studio Gray, Sky Blue, & Smoke Gray), 2 sets of backdrop stands, 2 Neewer Bi-Color LED lights, & Tripod Stands.

We also have Alexa devices throughout the Studio so you can play music and create a comfortable environment for your shoot! (If you’re anything like me, I always have to have music playing!) 

We allow a 45-minute arrival window, so you can get setup and ready to go prior to your official start time. We know getting setup can take just as long as capturing the content and we don’t want you to feel rushed. Come in, get setup and begin shooting at your start time. 

If you’re renting the Studio for the meeting space, the conference room can accommodate 6 – 8 people at the conference table. If you’re looking for a little more space, the front studio space can host up to 15 people seated. 

If you’re renting the Studio for the meeting space, there’s a 70 inch TV in the conference room with Apple AirPlay for easy casting abilities. The conference room is also setup with Zoom Room to easily host webinars and meetings without the hassle of using cables to connect your laptop. 

A one-time access code will be provided to you 2 hours prior to your reservation so you can access the studio space.

04 / about

about the studio

Sage Studio is a natural light studio in Jax, FL offering 3 different areas to capture content. Ranging from an open space studio area with a light and airy feel to a cozy meeting room with a beautiful West Elm dining room table and a full kitchenette – capturing home-like photos is easier then ever!

We keep various props, gear, and lights on hand at the studio, making your studio rental easy and hassle free. 

Hi, we’re Sage Creative Co, a creative agency for brands ready to make an impact. As marketers in today’s world, we understand what it takes to constantly produce content, and this studio space has everything you need! 

We designed every aspect of our office with content creation in mind, creating the perfect space for creatives, service providers, boutique owners, photographers, and product-based businesses to help you capture all of your content needs.  

05 / book now

by the hour

Monday – Friday: $80 per hour

Saturday – Sunday: $70 per hour

4 hour, half day

Monday – Friday: $310

Saturday – Sunday: $270

8 hour, full day

Monday – Friday: $620

Saturday – Sunday: $550

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