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we help you bring your vision to LIFE

Based in Jacksonville, Florida we’re a boutique full-service marketing agency providing branding, website design and ongoing marketing services to clients all over. 

for the GO-GETTER,

Create a magnetic brand that keeps ’em coming back again and again without going crazy trying to do it all yourself. Our team of bad-ass women helps you move the needle in your business by creating thoughtful and strategic designs. We focus on getting sh*t done, so you can focus on doing what you do best – running the business.

Founder of Sage Creative Co

Sianne Chong



We do things a little differently here. We believe good design is rooted in strategy – creating an emotional connection to your brand. 

That’s why we lead with the foundation, in everything we do. It helps us make informed, thoughtful decisions to create an impactful brand that connects and converts.

a team of bad-ass women
to bring your vision to life

We are strategic thinkers, content creators, designers, and storytellers

hi! I'm Sianne

agency owner • creative director • marketing strategist

I built this business to fulfill a dream – I wanted to create a life of freedom and flexibility – and like many of the amazing business owners we work with, they wanted the same thing.

As a corporate marketer turned creative entrepreneur I set out to help others chase their dreams and make them a reality. Now, along with a team of bad-ass women, we help e-commerce and lifestyle brands build and grow their business.

As a boutique full-service marketing agency, our team becomes an extension of your team, helping you achieve your vision and hit your business goals. 

Jessica costello

Operations Director

Kristina Figueroa

Account Manager

Harlee james

Graphic & Web Designer

Jay Haubein

Account Coordinator

we believe

storytelling connects people, & good design should tell a story
being intentional with your efforts ensures results
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
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our philosophy

enjoy life

chase your dreams

leave an impact

do things that scare you

create exceptional work

help others

As a modern full service agency, we’re focused on doing things differently. We don’t believe in hustle culture, but we do believe in creating exceptional work and keeping our word. We believe in creating a life we love, and enjoying the mundane. We are driven by leaving an impact and helping you achieve your wild and crazy dreams. 

the meaning behind the name

sage creative co

By now, you’re probably sensing a recurring theme here, everything we do is rooted in strategy. And, as we embarked on our own brand refresh we went through the same exact process we use for our clients. During the first phase, we identified our top 3 brand archetypes (basically, our brand personality) – the sage, the creator, and the magician.

Essentially, this means, we focus on guiding and helping our customers create and transform the way they brand and market their business.

So, with that in mind, we set the foundation for our brand – our vision, our voice, our values, and our visuals are all aligned with those 3 archetypes. But, our primary value and personality type is the sage. It’s our differentiator. We don’t just create beautiful work, we guide you through the process. We are the experts in our fields, we become an extension of your team, supporting and helping you reach your wild and crazy dreams.

We took our primary archetype and used that as the foundation for our new name, but sage alone isn’t enough. That’s where creative came in, we wanted to make sure the creator was also standing out in our name as that is literally what we do, we create. 

The co stands for collective and showcases the bad-ass women that make up this team. As the brand grew and evolved, it was important to highlight the amazing women who make it all happen through our collective efforts.

Taking it a step further, our 3 stars highlight our core services: branding, website design and marketing services.

let's create a magnetic